Monday, March 9, 2015

Haiti Solidarity Interview with Mildred Aristide, former First Lady of Haiti (

Mildred Aristide is an attorney, who as former First Lady of Haiti, headed the country’s National AIDS Commission and authored a book on the root causes of child domestic service.  Since her family’s return home from forced exile in 2011, Ms. Aristide and her husband, former President Jean-Bertrand Aristide (known throughout Haiti as Titide) have focused their efforts on developing the University of the Aristide Foundation. 
The work to build UNIFA, has taken place in the midst of growing repression within the country. Long overdue elections have not taken place. Police and UN troops using live ammunition, chemical agents and clubs have attacked demonstrators protesting against the Martelly government. President Aristide, Haiti’s first democratically elected president, has been threatened repeatedly with arrest, with heavily armed police surrounding the Aristides’ home.
Yet UNIFA has persevered.  In this new interview, Ms. Aristide details progress made by this groundbreaking university over the last few years. Forged in the fight for democracy and inclusion, UNIFA is a true example of popular education in action.

Haiti Solidarity: First of all, thank you so much for your time. It is an honor for us at Haiti Solidarity to be conducting this interview. Looking back four years ago, to March 18, 2011, the date of your family’s return from exile in South Africa, what do you remember about that moment?
Ms. Aristide: Without a doubt, our accompaniment home from the airport to the front door of the house – where we sat in the car for 15 minutes until a passage could be cleared through the crowd to get inside!  It is a moment and a feeling that I’ll never forget.  The four of us like to refer to it as a ‘tsunami of love.'

Friday, November 7, 2014

2014 MIDTERM ELECTIONS: Big Bucks & Political Mercenaries by Kiilu Nyasha

This midterm election has not only spent a whopping $4 billion, the highest yet; it also witnessed the lowest voter turnout. Given these two facts, I would deduce voters are fed up with the blatant corruption endemic to U.S. electoral politics.

It’s clear to me that in practice, Democrats and Republicans comprise one capitalist party with a Left and Right wing. Republicrats, as Mumia dubbed them.  I simply call them fascists, meaning they are in bed with big business and the military with no regard for the lives of the U.S. majority, everyday working people, employed and unemployed.

BTW, Congress members, who can vote themselves pay raises, now earn from $174,000 - $223.500 (plus millions in perks). 
Please note that almost none of the candidates advocated for the victims of this unrighteous, undemocratic order, the low-waged, unemployed, homeless, or imprisoned human beings who have no human rights under this system.

The politicians are not concerned with people who have no big bucks to contribute to their campaign coffers; they are beholden to the superPACs, so-called “dark money” (secret donations), and billionaires like the Koch Brothers who pour hundreds of millions into the campaigns.

Mainstream media moguls are laughing all the way to the bank. What a bonanza!

Kentucky Rep. Sen. Mitch McConnell raised over $73 million to win back his Senate seat, according to a recent FEC report.  That’s a lot of spaghetti!

Monday, August 25, 2014

BLACK AUGUST 2014: Quotations from George Lester Jackson, ed. by Kiilu Nyasha

August 21, 2014, marks the 43rd anniversary of the assassination of our beloved Comrade George Lester Jackson.  Here are more quotes from his two books; the first was the bestseller, Soledad Brother: the Prison Letters of George Jackson and Blood In My Eye, published after his death.  It’s remarkable that these statements are as pertinent today as they were 43 years ago, perhaps more so.

“Our overall task is to separate the people from the hated state.  They must be made to realize that the interests of the state and the ruling class are one and the same.  They must be taught to realize that the present political regime exists only to balance the productive forces within the society in favor of the ruling class.  It is at the ruling class and the governing elites, including those of labor, that we must aim our bolts.” (Blood in My Eye)
"International capitalism cannot be destroyed without the extremes of struggle. The entire colonial world is watching the blacks inside the U.S wondering and waiting for us to come to our senses. Their problems and struggles with the Amerikan monster are much more difficult than they would be if we actively aided them. We are on the inside. We are the only ones (besides the very small white minority left) who can get at the monster's heart without subjecting the world to nuclear fire. We have a momentous historical role to act out if we will. The whole world for all time in the future will love us and remember us as the righteous people who made it possible for the world to live on. If we fail through fear and lack of aggressive imagination, then the slave of the future will curse us, as we sometimes curse those of yesterday. I don't want to die and leave a few sad songs and a hump in the ground as my only monument. I want to leave a world that is liberated from trash, pollution, racism, nation-states, nation-state wars and armies, from pomp, bigotry, parochialism, a thousand different brands of untruth, and licentious, usurious economics."

"Iola," Princess of the Press: The Story of Feminist Anti-Lynching Crusader, Ida B. Wellls-Barnett, by Kiilu Nyasha

"I then began an investigation of every lynching I read about.  By 1893, over a thousand Black men, women and children had been hanged, shot and burned to death by white mobs in America."

A tireless champion of her people, Ida B. Wells was the first of eight children born to Jim and Elizabeth Wells in Mississippi in 1862, six months before chattel slavery was ended with the Emancipation Proclamation. Her parents, who had been slaves, were able to support their children because Elizabeth was an excellent cook and Jim a skilled carpenter. But when Ida was only 16, her parents and youngest sibling died of Yellow Fever during an epidemic.  In keeping with the strength and fortitude she demonstrated throughout her remarkable life, Ida took responsibility for raising her six younger siblings with her grandmother’s help. Educated at nearby Rust College, a school run by white missionaries, Ida was forced to drop out; she got a full-time teaching job by lying about her age, and spent weekends washing, ironing and cooking for her large family.

Wells eventually moved to Memphis, Tenn., where she taught school in a small town called Woodstock and continued her education by attending Fisk University and Lemoyne Institute during the summers.

Thursday, August 7, 2014


2014 marks the 44th anniversary of the Marin Courthouse Slave Rebellion and the 35th anniversary of Black August, first organized in 1979 to honor our fallen freedom fighters, Jonathan and George Jackson, Khatari Gaulden, James McClain, William Christmas, and the sole survivor of the August 1970 Courthouse Rebellion, Ruchell Cinque Magee.

A time to embrace the principles of unity and resistance, Black August had its origins in the "Black Movement" behind prison walls in the Sixties, led by George Jackson, W. L. Nolen, Hugo Pinell, and many other conscious, standup brothers who made it safe for Blacks to walk the yards of California’s overtly racist prisons.

On August 7, 1970, news of the revolutionary action hit the front pages of newspapers around the world.  Pictures of four young Black men emerging from the Marin courthouse with guns and hostages, provoked panic in some, but most Black folks took great pride and inspiration from the sight of  courageous resistance to the ongoing brutality and murder of Blacks inside and outside of prison. 

Friday, August 1, 2014

‘Day of the Gun’ - How KRON-4 distorted the story of Black August- Review and rebuttal (2002)

George Jackson was a unifying force who fought to transform the gangster mentality into a revolutionary one. KRON-4 aired a special program in October labeled “Day of the Gun.” The “day” was Aug. 21, 1971, when George Lester Jackson, three prison guards and two inmate trustees were killed.

As one of countless people who knew and loved George, I found the title itself offensive. How would you feel if your loved one had been murdered by gunshot and the day of his death symbolized by the weapon of destruction, not the human tragedy, the loss of life?

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Comments for Freedom is a Constant Struggle on BAVC July 17, 2014 by Kiilu Nyasha & Israel's War on Gaza, July 20, 2014

I've never been so ashamed to admit I'm an American citizen. The past weeks have demonstrated clearly that this nation hates children. Not only does it hate its own children for whom there's no safety net, but the suffering, endangered children fleeing Central America and being threatened, harassed, and jailed, as well as children being murdered in occupied Palestine, over 40 to date.

Mass-murdering Israeli dictator, Netanyahu, had the chutzpah to thank Obama and thank Americans for our support on network television! It enrages me that we have to listen to some fascist thanking us for slaughtering children.

A report last week indicated that of more than 400 children who fled their homes in Central America, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees “found that almost 60 percent of children had legitimate claims to seek asylum in the United States. Most were escaping recruiting attempts by violent gangs who forced participation or threatened the entire families of children who refused.”
Central America, Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador, is one of the most violent regions on the planet. In fact, Honduras is the murder capital of the world.
And yet, rather than refer to these children as just that — children — or possibly refugees, some politicians have taken to calling their entry into the country an invasion and suggesting these kids are disease-ridden and pose a threat to the nation. Instead of adhering to existing law that affords these children due process, Congress is considering changes to the 2008 law intended to stop sex trafficking and make it harder to deport tens of thousands of children caught crossing the border.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Fourth Draft of A Revolutionary Party Platform

Fourth Draft of A Revolutionary Party Platform

"If there is to be revolution, there must be a revolutionary party." (Mao Tse-Tung)

We the people of these United States in recognition of our shared oppression under the current, corporate-dominated government do hereby propose the establishment of a revolutionary political party. Such a party would be launched outside of the established parameters and would not be dependent upon corporate financing or subjected to its lobbying influence.

Our people’s party will recognize and acknowledge the following:

 * The genomic breakthrough by the Human Genome Project of the new millennium confirms the biological, singular human race to which we all belong regardless of color or other differences.  In short, there’s one race, the human race, and we all descended from Africa, the Motherland of humankind.  While racism persists, we will de-institutionalize it through our revolutionary education and media, fighting bigotry with international solidarity, appreciation of differing cultures, and revolutionary politics.  We will become the new men and women who will forge a new, nonracist paradigm.

Hugo Pinell denied parole again

It's with great sadness, but renewed hope, that we announce the results of of our brother Yogi's May 2nd Board hearing.

His attorney, Keith Wattley, reported the Board gave Hugo a five-year hit, but with the following caveat:  If he participates in the prison's Step-Down program (attends group therapy, etc.), he will get another hearing in about a year to a year and a half.

This is certainly better than the worst possibility, a 15-year denial, but I'm quite sure it doesn't make Hugo's mother very happy.  She's well into her 80s and has been waiting nearly 50 years to have her son released and back home.

We are all disappointed, but still very committed to Yogi's ultimate release.  So please keep up your support, and send Yogi some love.  He'll need it to get through this disappointing period, as well as encouragement to endure this next phase of incarceration.  As far as we know, he is still in lockup, albeit with less tortuous conditions than at Pelican Bay.

End the death penalty!  Stop the torture of solitary confinement! Abolish the prison system!

Monday, January 27, 2014

FROM PARIS TO PELICAN BAY by Kiilu Nyasha, February 2001

In behalf of two of our most treasured prisoners of war -- Mumia Abu-Jamal
and Leonard Peltier -- we visited seven European cities in ten days and
spent our last four days in Paris where a major demonstration happened on
December 2, 2000. A letter from one of the longest held political prisoners
in the country (37 years!), Hugo L.A. Pinell (Yogi) awaited my return from
Paris. I thought to myself, if I could travel all over France for Mumia and
Leonard, I could make it to Pelican Bay to see Yogi again.